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I would like to acknowledge the contribution made for this blog by Mr. Sameed, one of my students of Ethics, who was assigned the task of coming up with yet another idea based on my previous blog Life: A Project Leading to a Process.

It makes my day when my students start thinking the way I think and when they are convinced to come up with their own amazing thought process. By inducing such a thought process I am not trying to make them as my replica, rather I want them to learn to think and think differently. Unfortunately, in our part of the world, thinking is something which is taken negatively by certain quarters of the society.

Sameed came up with yet another analogy to my previous blog mentioned above and he came up with a question on my concept of the word ‘story‘ in its literal sense and I replied to him, ‘a story has a beginning and an end but most importantly, it has a moral.

All the dramas and movies have a storyline and every single movie or a drama is taken as a project even if it is a soap opera. Although they all are made with the motive of making money and entertainment yet they have a moral. At times, people don’t even remember the story but the moral works as a beacon of light to guide them through the thick and thin of their life.

The storyline of the drama or movie has a beginning and an end and at the end of the drama or movie, there is the moral, which can be thought of as a process, as the moral of the drama or movie is something which marks it’s footprint in the minds of the audience and often used by them for guiding their kids.

These stories are not stories, they are the life lessons of people standing on the high moral ground. Their stories are worth remembering and cherishing as the moral they carry are not mere words rather they are ‘words of wisdom’ (wow) which keep guiding people in the long run for the good of the society.

The writer and actors and all the people associated with the movie or drama die one day, yet their work remains in the archives to keep guiding people for meeting the challenges of a specific situation they are confronted with.

PS: You can only feel the true essence of this write up when you have read Life: A Project Leading to a Process.

Sajjad Hussain



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