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The Fourth Dimension


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On a plane surface, we are able to see things in two dimensions. In real life, we see things in three dimensions. Time is considered to be the Fourth Dimension in scientific terms and I am capitalizing on this consideration for this blog.

The problem with ‘time dimension’ is that it is always current, if one wants to have an understanding of the physical connotation of time, else it (time) can only be visualized and for that visualization power, one needs to have a ‘vision’. Based on that vision, we develop our perceptions. The perception, so developed is not necessarily the truth, but without having a perception, we cannot reach to reality.

All humans have perceptions about various things and everyone perceives things from his/her own experiences. The perception so developed is always right from his/her understanding, but it could be right or wrong from someone else’s point of view. Why is it so, because everyone sees different things differently.


Being a teacher, I am from the past, my students are born after me, we are meeting together in the present, and I have to lead them into future, for which, I have two options, either to push them or pull them.

People usually don’t like to be pushed, they like to be pulled. But how can I pull them into the future, which is physically not existing at the moment? So I need to develop my mental faculty to a level where I can lead by pulling them into the future. But the problem with my learning is that whatever I have learned during my hay days, has already become obsolete and in the future, it will be of no use. So I need to have a thorough understanding of the future, by keeping myself abreast of the future predictions and technologies.

Alvin Toffler has rightly quoted in his book Future Shock, ‘The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn’.

So by unlearning, what I learned years ago, I am floating through the ‘Fourth Dimension’ every single day trying to learn and visualize future.

Sajjad Husain



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