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I wish to apologize to my audience for the delay in my post as I wanted to write on this topic for long but the concept I had before was not getting the kind of appeal to my heart and the concept was not even getting close to the title of my blog.

Writing for the sake of writing has never been my intent to waste my time and the time of my audience.

You might have heard from a layman that an electric socket has two wires; one is neutral and the other is a live wire. Until recently I never thought why is it like that, but when I came to know about it, I was like wow, what a concept.

Whosoever coined this word, ‘live wire’ might not have thought about it the way I am going to explain now (pardon me if I am exaggerating myself).

When a person is alive, he has his body heat which keeps him alive. Why did I say so, because when a person dies, his body gets cold and stiff with the passage of time, I am wondering why a dead body has to be kept in a mortuary to keep it cool when it, itself is cold as its body heat is gone as soon as he died.

Quite confusing…………………………..

The obvious reason is, if it (the dead body) is left in the open, it starts stinking, so in order to preserve it till such time that it is buried, it has to be placed inside the mortuary.

When current passes from anything (a conductor) it gets hot. If we now make an analogy of a live wire with a live body, we will be able to understand why on earth that person (who coined the word live wire) came up with the word live wire.

So in order for one to be alive, one needs to have current (i.e. passion) to prove oneself that he is alive and willing to face the odds of life head-on.

Sajjad Hussain



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