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Acid is considered to be dangerous having a bitter taste and in order to subside its negatively harsh effects, it has to be alkalized adding water into it.

I wondered when I gave it a second thought, that how close it is to our interaction with other people in our daily lives.

Quite a few people are so sarcastic in their wheeling-dealing with other people that at times, it appears, as if they are having a taste of acid in their sarcasm. If those people (who are sarcastic) have a bit of a know-how that how their sarcasm have a negative impact on the person who is being subjected to their wrath, will never even think of subjecting people to their sarcasm.

Now that knowledge which comes to us through education will act as water added to the acid (sarcasm) to make it alkaline, that mellowness (by virtue of the knowledge we have) in us can be a source of life for someone who is disgruntled with his life for any reason, be it a sarcasm or economic or social malaise.

Be knowledge hungry and alkalize your sarcasm by it and avoid making lives of other people miserable. Be polite, you never know how badly one is hurt by your unrealistic and unnecessary sarcasm when you can bring joy and happiness to their life by your knowledge.

Sajjad Hussain



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