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Rising from the Rubbles


This blog is in continuation of my previous series of blogs ‘Counterclockwise‘ and is for those broken hearts whose life has been devastated by the unfortunate events in their lives. Quite amazingly, this idea¬†is so mesmerizing that at times, I am in a state of shock and awe.

In order to live a life worth living, we have to look for cues spread all across. If you happen to have a chance to look at a building about to be demolished, dynamites are tied to the pillars of the building and all these dynamites are blown at once and the entire building is collapsed into rubbles.

If a video is captured while the building is being demolished and the same video is run in reverse, it will appear as if the building is rising from the rubbles.

To understand the concept, let’s look at the Electric Cardiogram as shown below. A patient is alive only if the ECG shows ups and downs. As soon as ECG shows a straight line, the patient is pronounced dead.


We, humans, have the capability to go through upheavals in our lives and the ability to rise from the rubbles if we change our way of thinking in the reverse direction.


So, start thinking differently, even for the same problem and you will get to know an easy way out of rising from the rubbles.

Sajjad Hussain



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