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Molding YOU of You

Molding YOU of You

I was unable to sleep last night, as I was lost in nostalgia, and I got this idea which I am documenting here for the reading pleasure of my audience.

In order to mold iron or glass into a sculpture, it has to be subjected to extreme temperature and pressure to give it a particular shape but it is only possible in its molten form.

It does not take the shape of the die unless pressured to put in, yet the shape is actually formed when it is solidified after being cold. There is nothing unusual about what I have written. Let me explain what exactly am I trying to portray.

The reason for using the word glass instead of iron is that the sculpture made using iron becomes rusted after sometimes and its beauty fades away, whereas the sculpture made using glass, shines over a long period of time.

Humans have a built-in tendency to get angry and that anger is usually the outcome of some serious matter with people around him/her, which pushed one to the extreme of getting into a scuffle. If someone does not get angry, it is assumed that there is something seriously wrong with that person. This anger is like subjecting your own self by losing your temperament to the pressures you are confronted with.

When you are angry, you lose control of your heart and mind and it’s as if your soul has molten due to the raging fire burning inside you. It is said that when you are angry and standing, sit down and if you are already sitting, lie down. This change of posture from standing to sitting or from sitting to lying is like melting your glass (glass here is used to depict soul) and to subside your anger you need to drink water, this drinking of water acts like cooling the sculpture (sculpture here is used for the soul) into moulding into the die.

A glass is transparent by nature so is your soul in its purest form, when you get angry your soul is melted and when you drink water, you actually cool your soul to take the shape of that beautiful YOU, you were born with.

So getting angry is very much natural and part and parcel of life but keeping intact your mind (by developing Intelligence Quotient) and heart (by developing Emotional Quotient) in control and overcoming its negative effect on your soul, you will be able to develop in yourself the Spiritual Quotient. This SQ will keep your soul in its purest form which will be the reflection of true YOU.

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Sajjad Hussain



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