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Life is filled with wonderful symbols, letting you surmise through the hourglass of life. Let me explain to you, what do I mean by this.

My ‘University’ is in the ‘East’ of the city, where I live in. Every morning, I wake up and get ready to start my journey towards East, to reach my destination. For a layman, it can be considered as a frivolous stroll, as it is something he has to do, irrespective of his will or otherwise, but for me, it is carrying a message, a message worth sharing to explore the meaning of life.

University is a place where information is imparted, and when students process that information, to make use of it in their day to day life, is converted into knowledge.

East is the direction from where the Sun rises and when the Sun rises, we see light all around us. Knowledge is considered as light, which lets you see, what is otherwise invisible.

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Early in the morning, when I am moving towards East, my shadow on my back, is longer than myself, at noon my shadow is, right under my feet and in the evening, when I am heading towards West, my shadow is way too long and ahead of me.   

The lesson, I learned from it is, that when you head for the knowledge, ignorance is left behind you, when you immerse yourself in knowledge, ignorance comes under your feet and when you move away from knowledge, it is as if you are heading towards ignorance. 

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I have put the two words, University and East in inverted commas, to let you see the symbols surrounding our lives, to extract the meanings associated with these symbols, to explore the meaning of life, which is simply to seek knowledge, and give life a meaning out of this frivolous strolling.

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For all my readers, who do not understand Urdu, its a verse, in which the poet says:


I went through the world frivolously, otherwise, there were many worlds around, which I was expected to explore.

Sajjad Hussain



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