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This current blog is written based on my beliefs. My international audience having a different belief then mine are in no way required to accept or reject the contents of this blog. All my readers are at their free will to read or skip this blog. Comments; positive or otherwise would be accepted, wholeheartedly.


Even if it is not written in any holy scripture (of any religion), we all know that whosoever is born, has to die one day, no exceptions, at least to date.

While eating any meal, we are tempted by its taste to finish the meal. The moment we are done eating that tasty meal, it is the meal and the taste which is finished and not the one who is eating it.

The verse above says that ‘Every soul shall have a taste of death’, so it will be the death of ‘the death’ and not the death of the soul contained inside the body.

So the question that arises here is: Where did the soul go if it didn’t die?

I was wondering to find the answer and I happened to have a chance to listen to a sermon by one of my favorite speakers on theology and here is his explanation (written in my own words) for the reading pleasure of my readers.

If you google images of the soul, Google will fetch you pictures showing a body of white fumes. I, as a human, am not pure so I depict my body as a bit darker than my soul and to make an analogy to make you understand my thought process.

When a baby is conceived in the mother’s womb it takes some time to complete the body, once the body is completed then only the soul gets in. If you look at your hands you will find that your palm is comparatively whiter than the other side of the hand.


I like to give you another analogy out of this pic to make you understand the underlying concept.  The palm is whiter, so I consider it as my soul, which is pure and the other side is my body, which is bit darker than my soul.

My soul is encapsulated in my body as if my palm is closed and the moment I die, it is like my palm is opened and the soul inside gets released.


The verse above says that till such time my soul is inside my body, I am worth a million but the moment I die, I (my body) become worthless and it has to be buried or cremated, as per the faith of the soul.

Since a child is born, he goes through various stages of life, i.e. toddler, childhood, adolescence, teenage, adulthood, professional, parenthood, etc. During this entire time period, he goes through various learning experiences by virtue of education and professional experience and gains knowledge.

This entire process takes a substantial amount of time for an individual to understand the intricacies of life. At a very later stage in his life, he comes to realize the real facts of life but unfortunately, that is the time when his own time is about to be over and he is ready to die. At that point in time, he starts thinking, if he had enough time to pass on the learned legacy to the future generation. Every single moment appears to him as if he is running short of time, and he appears to be in a hurry to finish the task at hand of passing on the legacy.

I am kind of flabbergasted to visualize these hidden concepts about our life and think why don’t we realize the purpose of our life, which is nothing but to self-actualize. Once realized, I am sure our concept of life would be changed drastically.

It simply means that we are now getting ready for some other destination hidden from our eyes. Do we ever ponder, why is it so happening, why our life is so short that the moment we come to realize the true essence of life, it is time to get ready for the eternal abode.

Sajjad Hussain 




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