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Frivolous Stroll

Life is filled with wonderful symbols, letting you surmise through the hourglass of life. Let me explain to you, what do I mean by this. My ‘University’ is in the ‘East’ of the city, where I live in. Every morning, I wake up and get ready to start my journey towards East, to reach my destination. For a […]

The Fourth Dimension

Wonderful Life

Wonderful Life by Black If you are given an option to watch Black & White or color TV, your choice would certainly be Color TV. Why is that so, because we have been seeing the world around, colorful (except for those who are either blind or color blind). All the glitz and glamour around successful people […]

The Fourth Dimension

Tunnel Vision

Picture Courtesy You must have had a chance to go through a tunnel while travelling to country side or even within the city through an underpass. A tunnel is a closed capsule type path open on both the ends, but at times it is closed at one end as well. While entering a tunnel you might […]

The Fourth Dimension

Cherished Possessions

The idea to write this blog came to my mind, while I was responding to a question on Quora. The question was, “What do 50-year-olds know that 20-year-olds often don’t? And here is my answer which I have put in this blog.  Today while coloring my beard, I came to an unusual analogy, amazingly different […]

The Fourth Dimension