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The title of my blog compels me to think differently as it says ‘Life as EYE see’ and I try to see the life differently. Since I am a teacher, so my motive most of the time is to write something for motivating students, so that they can focus on self-growth and self-improvement. My current blog is one such attempt to instill that motivation in students.

Looking at the pic above makes one feel laugh at, and makes one think that it’s a fake pic. Yet making sense out of the nonsense is something I crave for, and I always try to find meaning which no one dares to extract.

This half chiseled pic does not make any sense to most of the people but if you try looking at it differently, you will find an amazing concept hidden in it. Let me tell you how do I see, this pic.

Although it appears as if the statue itself is chiseling its own body and carving it to perfection, but in reality, it is not possible. Yet we can think of the pic such that the upper half has been carved by the sculptor and then the chisel is handed in, to the statue to carve rest of its body by itself.

When a baby is born, though his/her entire body [most of the time] is perfectly in line with nature, yet s/he is trained for certain skills necessary for life. Initially, these skills are taught by the parents and afterward by the teachers at school and college. All these skills are taught to him/her until his/her teenage years.

Once s/he is in a position to be on his/her own, s/he is left to lead his/her life by him/her self. The more perfectly s/he carves him/her self the more refined his/her personality would be.

What exactly I am trying to say here is that once you [as a young adult] are ready to lead your life, try making it as perfect as the pic above would become after it is chiseled out by the statue itself. As the upper half has already been carved to perfection by the sculptor, the remaining half remains to be carved by the statue and it’s very much in its own hands.

Similarly, you [my young audience] as an adult young have to decide on your own, how you want to lead your life and it is very much in your own hands. The only thing required on your part is to look for the skills surrounding you, which are necessary for you to lead a promising life ahead, which is full of adventures and ups and downs.

Sajjad Hussain



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