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Boomerang Revisited


I had been thinking of writing this blog because when my previous blog Boomerang was published, I got feedback from quite a few of my readers that after reading the article on LinkedIn titled [“One Key Difference Between Success and Excellence] by Renjit Ebroo, they read following at the end of the article:

PS: Thank you for reading. Other posts about the human being’s journey to excellence are [here]. When they clicked it, the link redirected them to their own LinkedIn page.

When I myself clicked the link, I was also directed to my own page thinking that he liked my blogs so he was directing his other readers to my page and I thought my good work has clicked someone’s heart and he is acknowledging my efforts to bring in a change in his life and others life.

I kept surmising the reason what went wrong. I was a fool thinking this way, as everyone in his own right has the capability to inspire others, and I then came to realize that the writer Mr. Renjit Ebroo of the article [“One Key Difference Between Success and Excellence] actually wanted his reader to have confidence in himself and look for his own hidden potential to excel rather than following ‘other’s success’.


That Circle of Excellence revolves around you and only you. So get out of your deep slumber and look for excellence in YOU, yourself by discovering others to explore yourself.

Sajjad Hussain



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