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Shared Vision

In one of my job interviews for the post of Training Manager at Telenor, I was given 10 minutes to think and come up with a logical answer to the question that should a company allow its employees to break the rules of the organization? I came up with the following conclusion which I am sharing […]

Chessboard of Life

This blog is in continuation of my previous blog The Rise of Spirit Picture Courtesy The teacher of Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Jaffer-e-Sadiq progeny of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), has said in one of his sermons for the moral and social development of the children; ‘A child’s age should be divided into three stages. From 1 to […]

Angel with Broken Wing

Picture Courtesy If you happen to have a chance to observe (not look or see) kids, I would ask you to observe them closely and you will be amazed to learn quite a few interesting things about them. The very first thing which I have observed in them is, that they are rightly called angels. Their […]

Life of Mind

If I want to sow a rose plant (why rose, will be known to you later), I will use its seeds, put them into the soil, water the soil and wait, until a bud is sprouted out of it. Once the flower is out of the bud, it starts spreading its fragrance around and then with the passage of […]

Villain Heroes

Courtesy Kids are a wonderful gift of God, but are we taking enough care to look after the ‘gift’ the way we are expected to? The featured pic, if taken on the face value, would make you laugh, I also laughed in the first place, but then I asked myself, is it something to laugh […]

Reverse Thinking

This is in continuation with my previous blog Ticking Clock. Any bottle, be it medicine or ketchup, in order to get the content out from inside the bottle, you need to open it up by moving the cap counterclockwise. Even the door lock of your house can only be opened, if the key is moved counterclockwise. […]

Discus Throw

The more I think, the more I get new perspectives for the same concept of symbolism, I have been working on, since I started blogging in 2012. This blog again is in continuation with my previous two blogs written in December 2015, namely Ticking Clock and Reverse Thinking. Picture Courtesy This time around, I was watching sports channel and […]

Odd Man Out

The search for the anticlockwise movement of things around continues to explore the hidden meanings of life being portrayed through symbols. During a journey, if your car tire gets flattened, you have to replace it in order to continue your journey. But did you ever pay any attention to how the nut tying the tire […]


Human Brain is a physical entity capable of seeing things through eyes and Human Mind is an abstract reality capable of visualizing the invisible through thought process. I like to name this gift of God, a THIN KING residing in our heads. Keeping in view  the potential of this KING, I have come up with a quote, which I am […]


As a teacher, I tell my students that I am here to tell you the ‘Why, What, When, Where, and for Who/Whom (5 Ws) about the subject(s), I am teaching. As far as How (1 H) is concerned, I leave it unto you to decide, how to do, what you have been taught. Then I […]