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The Fourth Dimension

Picture Courtesy  On a plane surface, we are able to see things in two dimensions. In real life, we see things in three dimensions. Time is considered to be the Fourth Dimension in scientific terms and I am capitalizing on this consideration for this blog. The problem with ‘time dimension’ is that it is always […]

Silent Vibes – Voice of my Mind

This post is for my new readers, who are visiting my website for the first time. Don’t skip a post just because you see an unusual title or simply take it on face value. I try to assign unusual titles to my posts to let my audience feel the difference from run of the mill. […]

Frivolous Stroll

Life is filled with wonderful symbols, letting you surmise through the hourglass of life. Let me explain to you, what do I mean by this. My ‘University’ is in the ‘East’ of the city, where I live in. Every morning, I wake up and get ready to start my journey towards East, to reach my destination. For a […]

Wonderful Life

Wonderful Life by Black If you are given an option to watch Black & White or color TV, your choice would certainly be Color TV. Why is that so, because we have been seeing the world around, colorful (except for those who are either blind or color blind). All the glitz and glamour around successful people […]

Tunnel Vision

Picture Courtesy You must have had a chance to go through a tunnel while travelling to country side or even within the city through an underpass. A tunnel is a closed capsule type path open on both the ends, but at times it is closed at one end as well. While entering a tunnel you might […]

Philosophy – Subjective or Objective

Picture Courtesy When people see around them, they see everything as ‘data’. Those who have gone through some education, they get ‘information’, out of that ‘data’. When that ‘data’ is analyzed, making use of the mind, is converted into ‘knowledge’. Men with ‘knowledge’ are in a position to ponder deep into the hidden meanings to form […]


The idea to write this blog on the topic of Dictation, came into my mind when I saw this picture while making a presentation on, “1 2 3 GO”. I was searching pictures for my presentation and I came across this amazing pic. Since I started making videos and presentations, I have developed a fascination […]

Operations Manual

Whenever I buy electronic gadgets, I find something really amazing, that with every such purchase, included in the pack is an operations manual, which I have never used prior to operating that gadget, as most of the time, I have a fair idea as to how to operate it. I think the operations manual is included […]

Meaning of Life

People since ages have tried to explain the meaning of life from different angles, but to date no one has really come up with the true meaning of life. Whosoever, explained the meaning of life, always got recognition from among their peers. So that perspective of life got inroads into their thinking as the true […]


As a teacher, I tell my students that I am here to tell you the ‘Why, What, When, Where, and for Who/Whom (5 Ws) about the subject(s), I am teaching. As far as How (1 H) is concerned, I leave it unto you to decide, how to do, what you have been taught. Then I […]